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Sam's Birth Story

When I found out I was pregnant with my second baby I realized we were in a predicament. No hospitals were allowing birthing tubs like they did when I had my daughter. My husband mentioned going to an open house at Well Rounded Momma to see what hiring a midwife was all about. When we went we were both drawn to Tiffanie. She had such a calm demeanor and truly listened to our concerns. We decided to cancel all my appointments with the OBGYN and hire Tiffanie for a home birth. It was the best decision we could have made for our family. Each appointment Tiffanie made you feel so comfortable. I was able to bring my three year old to each appointment and she was able to be involved in the process. She was able to hold the Doppler to hear her baby brothers heart beat and that made her so excited.

Fast forward to the birth. My water broke at 10:30pm and my contractions started. My husband called Tiffanie and she was at my house in about 30 minutes because my contractions came hard and fast. I labored in the tub the whole time and Tiffanie calmly let me do my process. She started helping me through my contractions putting pressure on my lower back. Soon I was ready to push. I couldn’t believe it because it didn’t seem like it was time, it just was happening so fast. Tiffanie kept reminding me to trust my body if I felt it was time to push then it was time. I pushed a couple of time then all of a sudden our heathy son was here.

The whole process was 2 hours! Our little big guy was here at 10.5lbs and 23 inches long! After we had him she sat in our kitchen and let us have an hour by ourselves with our new son.

The postpartum appointments were great too. You don’t just see her at your six week check up like a doctor. You see her multiple times up until your final six week check up. You could also call her on her cell phone if you had any questions the whole pregnancy and postpartum. I felt so supported through out my whole journey.

I’m so blessed to have had Tiffanie has our midwife. If anyone is considering a midwife and home birth you can not go wrong with Tiffanie! We love her so much!

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