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Quinn Jane’s Birth Story

Contractions started about two days before giving birth. They would become stronger at night and come sporadically throughout the day. The morning of December 10th I woke up at 2a.m. with pretty strong contractions that felt consistent but after having prodromal labor I was a bit in denial that it was anything legit. I got up to go use the bathroom and lost a lot of my mucus plug so I decided to take a shower. That’s when they started to become a bit sporadic.

After a while of trying to relax over the side of my bed I texted my midwife Tiffanie at 4:30 a.m. asking what I should do to get things going. She advised side laying with pillows and rest. I was not a fan of laying down at this point but complied for as long as I could. My husband got our bed ready while I sat on the “dilation station”. At 6:15 a.m. my water broke, and contractions were now 2-3minutes apart for about a minute long. Thankfully I had put on an adult diaper just for good measure after my shower! I texted Tiff right away she was here within 30 mins. She listened to baby and said all was good and then asked me if I wanted a check.

Much to my surprise I was at a 9 with a bit of a cervical lip. I got into the bath and tried different positions to move the lip. After a while Tiff suggested I try to use the bathroom. To no avail in that department, I started walking to my bedroom floor. I stopped halfway there and told Tiff I could feel everything in my butt. Her response was “that’s exactly where I want you to feel it.” I laid on my floor with my husband’s support and felt the urge to push. Tiffanie would suggest different positions to which I responded “I don’t know” every time but trusted her lead and would slowly move to a new position. I tried my back, all fours, over the birth ball, runners lunge and back to my backside. With every contraction I felt my baby move down and heard the encouragement from Tiff and Kyla that I was doing good and that during every contraction she could see baby’s head even more. That gave me the strength to keep going.

I soon felt the ring of fire and of course not wanting to feel that any more than I needed to I pushed with all my breath. At 9:40 a.m. my beautiful 9lb 6oz baby girl, Quinn Jane was out, and we were in complete awe! Tiff and Kyla where amazed by her big cord and this big ole baby. We were all amazed at this big, beautiful baby. My Quinny girl was placed on my chest and Tiffanie cleaned me up. We moved straight to the comfort of our own bed and encouraged breastfeeding.

Our now family of four got acquainted in bed and soaked up every minute of that golden hour. We did her newborn check right on our bed with the help of my husband and daughter. It was so special to have everything done right there next to me. I can’t imagine ever giving birth again without Tiffanie there with me. She’s more than just a midwife and the connection is more than you could ever get with an OB in my opinion. She is part of my baby’s story.

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