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Mpologoma's Birth Story

My journey with Tiffanie has been an amazing journey and nothing can compare to search a wonderful experience. A little back story to why I decided to travel all the way from Georgia to Nevada was because I couldn’t find a doctor in Georgia to help me a vaginal birth for my twin. Every doctor I had meet either didn’t want to try or didn’t care to listen to my needs or birth plan.

I understood the risk, but I kept getting turned down because my pregnancy was considered a high risk. Despite being high risk I just wanted to be listened to and told I was not crazy. This is when I started looking for an experienced midwife which ended up being Tiffanie.

Once I saw Tiffanie was located in Las Vegas, NV, I took a leap of faith and journey at 24 weeks pregnant which was the best decision of my life. I went to a well Rounded Mama open house and I got to hear several amazing stories and meet Tiffanie. I immediately set up an appointment. When we officially meet, I felt an overwhelming sense of calmness and peace, which I hadn’t felt for the 24 weeks I was pregnant.

This was my very first pregnancy and it was with twins, Tiffanie not only guided me but she made me feel very confident in my decision to have a twin home birth and gave me a lot of advice throughout my pregnancy. I really do believe angels exist and I'm so glad I found her.

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