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Madison Schrock Testimonial

As soon as I found out we were pregnant with baby number two I knew I wanted something completely different than my last birth. I thought that would look like an unmediated natural birth, advocating for myself and my baby, informed consent and being able to approve or deny different procedures.

I quickly learned that everything I wanted was not easily done with a traditional OB. At 20-weeks we officially switched over to midwifery care after meeting with Tiffanie and it was the best decision I could have made! Right off the bat I felt safe, understood and at peace. I remember not wanting to wait until my next meeting with another midwife because I didn’t want to miss out on getting Tiff. I knew after our first conversation me, and my baby were in great hands.

I was able to share concerns and ask any questions without fear of being dismissed. I was able to choose what procedures I wanted done or not without judgment and I always felt I had all the information to make those decisions. During labor I was supported, comforted, and encouraged the entire time. She was there when I needed her and provided space when appropriate. She gave me strength and guidance during pushing that was so helpful.

Once baby was here, she cleaned me up and helped me snuggle into bed with my sweet Quinny girl. We got baby latched and immediately asked what I wanted to eat and made us breakfast. I truly could not believe how comfortable and easy everything was. She did all the newborn checks right on my bed and included my 5-year-old as well as my husband in the process. That first day she answered any questions and made sure we were comfortable before she left. She advised she’d be back the next day to check on us. After our initial in-home check, we continued to go to the office until 6 weeks to have baby girl checked and to make sure I’m healing and feeling good.

Every step of the way was so focused on the well-being of not just baby but mom too because you really can’t have one without the other. Midwifery care is 10/10 the best decision and I can’t imagine ever giving birth again without Tiff there with me. She’s more than just a midwife and the connection is more than you could ever get with an OB in my opinion. She is a part of my baby’s story. I have such a deep admiration for Tiffanie and what she does.

I can never thank her enough!

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