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Layla Nix Testimonial

Fearful and painful. That summarized my perception of birth for most of my life. I desired to be a mom and saw immense beauty in motherhood, but birth was nothing but an anxiety-ridden means to an end. Once we got pregnant with our baby girl, I realized I would need to face that fear. The idea of being in a hospital was half the fear, so we started looking into home birth options. We interviewed several different midwifes, all wonderful and proficient, but the moment we met Tiffanie, I knew our prayers had been answered. She was exactly what I needed. Confident and incredibly skilled as a professional, but also loving and compassionate toward mothers and babies during the single most vulnerable and intimate transition of their lifetime.

During my pregnancy, Tiffanie helped me to understand that preparing my mind for labor was just as important as preparing my body. When the day finally came, I had a completely different outlook, thanks to her and her team. During my labor, Tiffanie’s presence was always calming and reassuring. She was gentle with me when I needed comfort and strong with me when I was weak and wanted to give up. I had prepared my mind well and turned to God, my husband, my doula, positive words, and comfort measures. But when I would get to my wits end, Tiffanie was the coach and confidant all-in-one that would get me refocused.

Our labor and delivery is a cherished memory my husband and I will never forget. Now if you asked me how I would summarize birth, I would say: beautiful, intense, peaceful, tiring, natural, transformational, humbling, unifying, and empowering. Tiffanie was a Godsend and will always hold a special place in our hearts for helping us transition into parenthood with such care and compassion.

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