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Heather Torgerson Testimonial

I can’t imagine having a baby without Tiffanie there. I was so blessed to have found her seven plus years ago when I was pregnant with my first. After all the science and drugs needed to become pregnant through IVF, I knew I wanted to do everything possible to have a natural labor. Tiffanie was my doula then and stayed with me during my marathon labor. She was there at my house before we left for the hospital, she was there both nights (at some point it was also her birthday!) I was in labor; rubbing my back and making sure I was okay. My husband and mom were also there but I know they were grateful to have Tiffanie to help us navigate the hospital system and survive the three days it took for my sweet boy to join us.

The second time around I knew she needed to be there. Again, she was my doula and helped us navigate some of the issues we had with my first, but I was still set on having a doctor and a hospital birth. My recovery from my second was rough and with little to no postnatal care I ended up needing surgery at 9 weeks postpartum. I was done having babies after that experience.

Then our little miracle surprise showed up. After two IVF babies we didn’t think it was possible to get pregnant and had made the decision we were done trying. I no longer went to my OB, so I had no idea what to do when I thought I was pregnant. I called Tiffanie and she got me in for an ultrasound that day. Between the surprise of it all and being in the middle of a pandemic, I had no interest in long drives to a doctor’s office or unpredictable stays in their waiting rooms. I decided to trust all my prenatal care to Tiffanie. If we needed to go to the hospital for the labor, we would but the goal would be a home birth. She partners with the high-risk doctor at Desert Perinatal Associates, so I was able to get the tests done that I needed and wanted through him. The partnership was great I went into my home birth feeling confident.

My water broke around 11 p.m. and we called Tiffanie at about 7 a.m. as contractions were coming quicker. She was there by 7:30 and brought with her a sense of calming and confidence that let me know we were ready to make this happen. I delivered our precious boy in water at 10:59 a.m. through a birthing experience I can only hope others will get to have at least once in their lifetime. It was beautiful, peaceful, yet filled with power and I credit Tiffanie for helping me recognize and experience all of it.

An important thing to note is having the ability to choose how I wanted to labor and how I wanted to deliver. Trusting myself and following my body made things so much easier and the recovery so much quicker.

The post-natal care for my baby and myself was something I had not experienced with my hospital births. It was night and day difference having Tiffanie and Kyla there to not just care for my baby but also for me. Checking in with them and having visits multiple times before we got to the six-week mark was incredible. I know a lot of issues I had recovering from my first two would not have happened If I had real postpartum care like that.

I can’t recommend Tiffanie and her team enough. Our family is so grateful to have her be a part of the most important moments of our lives.

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