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Elena Testimonial

Prior to becoming pregnant with my third baby, my husband and I were moving from Florida to Nevada and I decided to research midwives, as I knew I would want another homebirth, whenever we did get pregnant again. During my research, I came across Tiffanie Gonzales and immediately knew I would want to meet with her. I kept her information saved until the day I became pregnant. My husband and I found out we were pregnant with our third in April 2021. I scheduled a consultation with Tiffanie and within the first 10 minutes, I knew I would want her as our midwife.

Tiffanie was extremely kind and caring. We discussed my previous births and what I would like with my current pregnancy/birth. She supported my choice to catch my own baby and limit any interventions, unless needed. Throughout my pregnancy, I was able to reach out to Tiffanie, if needed, for any pregnancy questions or issues. On the day of our baby's birth, I had met with Tiffanie in the afternoon (prior to contractions starting) and we discussed next steps, if baby did not come on his due date. All decision making was made together, and I felt in charge of my pregnancy and birth. Later that evening, I went into labor and contractions began. I kept Tiffanie updated via text/calls throughout early labor. When active labor began, Tiffanie came to my home and provided the support I needed. She allowed me to keep my space and was only around to check on me and baby, as needed.

When the time came to push, I lost a bit of control, but Tiffanie was there to remind me to push with each contraction and to not rush the baby out. I regained my control and continued pushing slowly. Given the fact that I was exhausted and been up for more than 24 hours, I did not want to catch my baby and just wanted the dad to catch him. Tiffanie, along with her student midwife Kyla, and my family, reminded me of what my ultimate goal for this birth was. They kept cheering me on to catch my baby, and I finally did! It was the motivation I needed to cross the finish line.

It was a difficult labor, but the support of both Tiffanie and Kyla really helped me succeed. I am elated to have been able to have another successful homebirth and so glad I did my research and found Tiffanie. I highly recommend her to any woman looking for a homebirth, especially if it’s your first one.

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