Kaysee's Birth Story

Knowing I was going to go through my pregnancy alone as well as my first home birth I wanted to make sure I had the best midwife in Las Vegas. I found Tiffanie and she became not only my midwife but my therapist and doctor all in one!

The night I went into labor I stayed up all night counting contractions with excitement (don’t do that ladies make sure you’re getting sleep). Come the next morning my neighborhood turned into a full bbq/pool party. Tiffanie made sure to stay in contact with me continuously through out the day. I swam all day through my contractions until we thought it was time to head inside and relax. I finally called Tiffanie and my doula to join me as exhaustion filled me but satisfyingly finding out i had made it to 6cm on my own!

Everyone was so calming, soothing and giving me all the words of affirmation and encouragement I needed. After 23 hours of laboring I gave birth to a healthy baby girl in the comfort of my own home. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or midwife and I hope I get to fulfill this beautiful journey with all my future births and Tiffanie!


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