Tiffanie Gonzales

Tiffanie Gonzales

Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC)

I have a desire to support birth, breastfeeding, mothering and families.

This is my passion not my job. I love birth.

It amazes me and I consider it a privilege to be invited to care for a laboring mother.

I am the wife to a wonderful supportive man, mother to 7 beautiful children and grandmother to 2 wonderful blessings. After staying home to care for my children for 14 years I began my training to become a Doula, I thoroughly enjoy helping mothers as they labor and experiencing the miracle of birth, I knew I would further my education and become a midwife. Part of that journey was my training to become a Monitrice followed by my training on The Farm in Tennessee to be a midwife’s assistant. In 2013 I passed my test to become a CPM. I believe in birth, I believe in a woman’s ability to birth her baby. I enjoy helping women as they grow their families and mother their children. Through my years as a Doula, Monitrice and Midwife assistant I was privileged to attend births with several midwives. I have learned so much from the women I work with and gained invaluable experience.

I believe a woman has the right to make decisions for her body, her birth, and her baby based on informed consent.


Tiffanie’s education and certifications:

  • Dona Doula trained

  • Monitrice

  • Certified Lacation Counselor

  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certification

  • Adult CPR certified

  • Midwife assistant certification at The Farm in Tennessee

  • CPM certified with NARM (http://narm.org/)

  • Multiple trainings in the use of herbs, essential oils and nutrition, midwifery volunteerism

  • Attended MANA conference

  • Trained as an EMT 2

I believe in a woman’s right to evidence based care. I believe a woman’s desires should be honored and respected in labor and birth. I believe that mothering your child has begun from the moment you conceive and supporting a mother’s choices for her baby is the most important thing we can do for mom and baby. In doing this I desire to instill confidence and help her to truly trust her instincts as mother.

As I watch my grown children make life choices based on their fearless drive for true information I can’t help but feel pride. I look forward to helping families grow and I feel incredibly blessed as a mother and a midwife.

- Tiffanie


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